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Blackbird Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in Australians wanting to be the best in the world not the best in Australia. We provide equity capital for all stages from Seed, Series A and later stage.

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We exist to supercharge Australia's most ambitious founders 🚀

Rick is a co-founder of Blackbird Ventures. Prior to Blackbird, Rick ran MLC’s venture capital program. Before that he co-founded two software companies: Right Party Connect, which produces notification systems for financial institutions and sold to Adeptra; and IDC Global which develops software for real estate agents.


Bill is a venture partner at Blackbird Ventures. Prior to Blackbird Bill co-founded Southern Cross Venture Partners after helping to build early stage investing at Macquarie Bank. Bill was also the CEO of Mantara, a company that makes high performance, content-based message routing systems.


Niki is a co-founder of Blackbird Ventures. Prior to Blackbird Ventures, he founded Startmate, one of Australia’s leading accelerators. Before that he founded Homethinking, a US-based online real estate site which helps home owners choose a selling real estate agent by ranking agents on their sales history and customer reviews.


Joel is Head of Community at Blackbird Ventures. Prior to Blackbird, Joel founded Umbrella Artist Management whose roster of bands included The Rubens, Cloud Control, Urthboy, Elizabeth Rose and others. Joel is also Festival Director of Sydney Craft Beer Week.


Sam is Head of Operations at Blackbird Ventures. Prior to joining Blackbird, Sam co-founded a Startmate Company, CapacityHQ, a professional services marketplace, and career-pivoted out of corporate law to lead Product and Strategy teams at



Grace Hopper, computer scientist, United States Navy Rear Admiral and inventor of the first compiler for a computer language. 

World class Founding Teams

We’re looking for world-class founders and teams. To back you, we have to believe that you’re better placed than anyone else in the world to succeed in your chosen area. Why do you care about the problem and customer more than anyone else? What authentic connection do you have with your chosen market? Most of all we’re looking for the classic entrepreneurial DNA, those with an uncanny knack of getting things done with very few resources under chaotic conditions. We also believe that great developers can become great CEOs and our role is to assist with that personal growth.

We’re looking for businesses who are attacking large global markets from day one. Your customers should not know or care that you’re Australian. Customers buy because they love your product after a 30 day trial not because you hire expensive sales people that play golf and have steak dinners with important people. Your chosen market should be BIG, big enough for your business to generate the magical number of $100m p.a. in revenue.

Global Ambition

Ford assembly line 

Products that scale

We have a traditionally focused on software as a service  and marketplaces but we think robotics will truly let software eat every one of the world's problems. We like businesses that are taking advantage of digital marketing and sales, where the sales cycle is short and/or revenue is recurring. We’re not very keen on businesses which rely on direct sales, and which need to set up sales teams in each market they pursue. And unless you have something truly exceptional, please don’t come to us saying that you’re going to make it big selling banner ads on your site.

Our bread and butter is Seed and Series A investing. If you’re not familiar with these terms or the structure of the VC market, read some more about it here. Even at the seed stages we rarely back a business plan - we love a small amount of extremely happy users. If you don't have metrics, you better make up for it with ambition!

Early Stage with Metrics



Be The Next Big Thing

We naturally take far more notice of founders introduced to us by people we trust, whether they be founders we have invested in, angel investors we have co-invested with or people we have worked with. So please, try to network to find a warm introduction. Alternatively, write to us and we can send you some more info on how we invest, what markets we like and which slide you should leave out of your pitchdeck -

Are You The Next Big Thing?