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The current state of the art is a highly skilled and experienced doctor looking at the scans and making a judgement call.

See-Mode believes computers can help doctors predict stroke much more accurately than they currently can and recommend a better course of treatment to prevent repeat strokes.

We’re thrilled to announce our latest investment, joining their seed round.

Paging Doctor Deep Learning

See-Mode uses computer vision and fluid dynamics to determine if a patient’s stroke will reoccur in the future. They do this by analysing multiple types of routinely-collected medical images and determining two things: the existence of high-risk blood flow and vulnerable plaques in the brain.

Applying advances in computer vision to healthcare is an exciting area for us at Blackbird. It is horrifying to think doctors are “guessing” on medical images when sophisticated algorithms built on top of the latest clinical evidence allows them to make decisions much more accurately and systematically.


See-Mode was founded by two Australian residents Milad Mohammadzadeh and Sadaf Monajemi, who are husband and wife. Both hold PhDs, Milad in biomedical fluid dynamics and Sadaf in Electrical and Computer engineering. They went through the second batch of Entrepreneur First in Singapore.

The company is building out the team in Australia to take advantage of the hiring market and also because the government incentives around stroke prevention make Australia an attractive base. After completing clinical studies in Singapore, they are now signing data agreements with a bunch of Melbourne hospitals.

We’re thrilled to be joining Milad and Sadaf on their journey and we’re honoured to be welcoming them to the Blackbird community.