Kelly Spoerk

Kelly Spoerk

Program Leader

What do you do at Blackbird?

I run the Startmate Women Fellowship, which means my job is to give ambitious and talented women the tools, connections and confidence they need to find their dream job in the startup ecosystem.

What did you do before Blackbird?

I spent the past 4 years in the People Ops space working for a pretty cool company called Elevate Education. During that time, I was able to help millions of students across Australia aim higher and get the most out of their education. Like I said, pretty cool.

What are you excited by right now?

I'm soooo excited by the (long overdue) momentum we're starting to see behind Women's Sport. There's greater participation, more media coverage, an increase in prize winnings and sponsorships for female athletes, and in some rare (but exciting) cases - even equal pay! Some Women's Football matches are selling out stadiums of 100,000 fans...something is changing and I am here for it.