Nicole Marino

Nicole Marino


What do you do at Blackbird?

I'm in Melbourne's investment team and looking for Australia's most ambitious founders. The more out there you are, the more I'll love you! 

What did you do before Blackbird?

Hustled as a 19 year old selling houses. Studied economics and had a brief stint doing some macro investing at AustralianSuper.

What do you believe that others do not?

That you don't need a degree to be knowledgeable — applied curiosity is more important. At university, you teach yourself everything from a textbook anyway! Just do the same thing with anything you want to learn.

What ideas are you excited by right now?

This is the century of biology. Also excited by developments in machine learning and Web3. At the time of writing this, DALL-E 2 was just released and I'm obsessed.