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In a world where feedback is so real, fast and clear, sitting around psychoanalysing your customers and thinking about what the best piece of creative for them is a complete waste of time.

Tim Doyle

From mattresses to politics to healthcare, nothing is immune to disruption. Today, everything must adapt or die. Fortune awaits those who go against the crowd and think differently. Eucalyptus seeks to become a brand building empire in the digital healthcare space. Spearheading this vision is marketing contrarian Tim Doyle. Formerly Head of Marketing for mattress company, Koala, he’s the co-founder of a seed stage company that is revolutionizing the way customers get healthcare.

This episode is for the disruptors. Doyle will challenge every assumption you have about marketing; branding is iterative, customer feedback is real-time and the middle-man is obsolete. These principles are the basis for a whole new type of company, with a whole new type of founder.

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