Kate Glazebrook

What do you do at Blackbird?

I work to grow and amplify our portfolio companies' positive impact on the world. That means I have the privilege of working with founders and their teams on everything from sustainability, to social impact, to how they design the tech we're all proud to use.

What did you do before Blackbird?

I was the cofounder and CEO of Applied, a Blackbird company, which uses behavioural science de-bias hiring and help the best person get the job, regardless of their background. Before that I worked at the Behavioural Insights Team in the UK, the United Nations in Thailand and Myanmar, and the Australian Treasury.

What do you believe that others do not?

That there are lots of small decisions we make every day, often unconsciously, that could be made just a tiny bit better. And the cumulative good that can come from improving them amounts to a lot.