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The closing of a year and beginning of the next is always a good time to sit back and take stock of what you’ve achieved.

The numbers draw a picture of a busy year where the volume and quantum of deals we were involved in went up tremendously. The spread significantly increased too from investments of just tens of thousands of dollars to tens of millions. We invested very early (pre-product and pre-revenue) and quite late (pre-IPO).

Our community engagement game was lifted enormously by hiring the amazing Joel Connolly who spear-headed our weekly AMAs, events like The Sunrise conference and deepened our partnerships with FIRST Robotics and universities.

We solidified who we are and what we stand for by publishing our mission and values.

Thank you to our portfolio company founders for letting us join you on your journey, to our investors for backing us, and to the Aussie startup community for supporting and sharing.

We can’t wait for an even bigger 2017!