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Tom Humphrey


What do you do at Blackbird?

I sit in the investments team in our Sydney office. I seek to partner with the most ambitious of Australia's founders to build world class businesses.

What did you do before Blackbird?

Spent 9 years building two companies - Kanopy, a B2B video streaming company based in San Francisco and OurDeal, a D2C ecommerce / group buying website based in Sydney. At other points, spent 2 years with a US based VC fund, 4 years as a lawyer and consulting, and a year on an Iron Ore mine site managing production!

What do you believe that others do not?

Possibility > probability

What companies have you invested in?

A number of companies prior to joining Blackbird just now. Excited to find my first founders to partner with here!

What ideas are you excited by right now?

I love geeking out on new innovations in B2B sales and go to market models that reach customers in smarter ways. I love new market-making and category defining businesses where the competition is non-consumption. I love companies that are trojan horses - doing something small today, while building a beachhead for something huge tomorrow. I love user and product obsessed businesses that orientate around customer love and strong north star metrics. I love network businesses which compound value through user and engagement growth. The future of work, education, consumer, automation, ... there is so much to be excited about right now!!